Photography and acrylic on sculpted canvas.


This painting is my next step toward a minimalistic approach to my work. I'm looking at my photo and cutting it down to the main subject, the lone tree. As support, I wanted just pure clean, and flat color. To achieve this I had to airbrush my background. Due to the size and airbrushing, I had to work outside in my backyard. This ended up being challenging. Usually, I'm not worried about things falling into the paint as I work outside a lot, but this time I needed a clean environment. I was amazed at the amount of my dog hare that was in the air and at one point my dog managed to walk across the canvas as it was drying on the ground. Thankfully I was able to take out the prints and with 20 more coats, there is no trace of my dog's handy work—just mine.

Red Sunset

Paul Brandejs


Photography and painting

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