Democratizing Art in Toronto and Beyond

Democratizing Art in Toronto and Beyond

Suzan El-RassFeb 11, '22

The art market can be fickle. The veritable trapeze act of traversing its often-elitist principles is one that artists and collectors alike learn early on; it is a consummate playground of hoops to jump through no matter which team you play for. To succeed, one must excel at balancing luck, contacts, and timing. We at helloart believe it need not always be this complicated.

Breaking into the Art Market as an Artist

Breaking into the art market as an aspiring or working artist can be intimidating; many galleries exclusively show established artists whose names have already been made. 
Chasing opportunities to build renown as an emerging creator can be frustrating. Even when you do land a gallery showing, your work might only reach a narrow audience, and then a multitude of art lovers out there would still miss the chance to see your exhibit. It can feel as though you have only scratched the surface.

Navigating the Art Market as a Buyer

On the flip side, exploring the art market as a potential buyer can be an equal challenge. There are innumerable talented artists waiting to be discovered, but it can be hard to find exactly what you might be looking for. The perfect piece can be elusive, whether as a seasoned buyer or a first-timer. Furthermore, not everyone knows exactly what they want until they see it, and many do not have the time or the budget to comb galleries for the work that feels just right.

Bridging the Gap

That is where helloart comes in, whether you are an established artist or an up-and-coming one. Perhaps you are a buyer with a bottomless budget, or a strict one. Maybe you are looking to expand your existing collection or buy a gift for a loved one. By connecting local artists with local businesses, we increase creative publicity, allowing artists and art enthusiasts to come together in new and innovative ways.
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Creating Connections

With the help of our avant-garde platform, the perfect artist and the perfect buyer can bump into one another by chance in their favourite café. We provide the tools for you to seal the deal then and there: with a quick QR code scan, art can be purchased and taken home right away. Talk about love at first sight.

Fostering a Culture of Accessibility

None of this is to say we think galleries are a thing of the past; we are as giddy after an inspiring gallery visit as the next person. We simply feel that there is also a place in the art world for non-traditional art exposure; the two need not be mutually exclusive. This is what we are striving to cultivate in different cities, such as the Greater Toronto Area, Montreal and Ottawa. helloart is paving the way for a much-needed middle ground between the institution and the emerging art scene. In the future, we hope to expand our mission to liberate art exposition beyond these borders, providing a platform for artists and businesses to partner in more communities across Canada and beyond.

We believe that art should be accessible to all, and we are committed to assisting the development of a more democratic atmosphere in creative communities everywhere.

To any and all art creators and appreciators: send us a message on Instagram or check out our gallery any time!


By Emilie Francis Moffat