Discover Art Everywhere with helloart

Discover Art Everywhere with helloart

Hussain Al-JiboryNov 9, '21


Discover Local Artwork Everywhere

Have you ever spent time thinking about purchasing a ticket to see a new art exhibit in town? What if you could discover artwork without having to go out of your way or pay for a ticket? helloart exhibitions are free to access and provide an easy solution to your empty walls, all while creating a bit more excitement to your daily routine.

You can discover art everywhere, whether at the coffee shop on your way to work, sitting down in your favorite restaurant, or passing through your apartment lobby; exhibiting local art at various businesses encourages patrons to contemplate, slow down, and enjoy the view.

Get Inspired

Let helloart inspire you to enliven your home with original artworks from local artists, knowing that you’re simultaneously supporting your community. Whether through abstract or representational compositions, small or larger scale works, and varying mediums, you’ll be sure to find something that speaks to you at a helloart exhibition. You can also take the time to learn more about the artist’s work easily by visiting their profile on, providing greater context and meaning behind the artwork and artist to build deeper connections.

Purchase Artwork

See a piece of helloart artwork you know would look perfect in your space? We’ve made it easy for viewers to instantly purchase a piece of artwork right from the walls of the business. You can simply purchase any helloart artwork by scanning the QR code on the smart art label using your phone. Once scanned, you’ll be directed to that specific piece of artwork, and can click ‘add to cart’ to begin your checkout.

Take Your Art Home

Once you’ve notified an employee at the business, you’re ready to take your art home. Easy and seamless! And for your pleasure, we have this wonderful blog outlining how to maintain your new artwork to ensure your collection stays durable throughout time. Begin collecting a range of local artwork today!