Using Original Art to Stage a Property

Using Original Art to Stage a Property

Suzan El-RassSep 14, '20

Working With Artists Can Increase Property Value

Listing a property for sale is more complicated than just snapping a few photos and putting them online with a general description. In today’s competitive real estate market, ensuring sellers get the best offers possible is key. But how does artwork come into play? Using original art to stage a property can help dramatically.

With Toronto’s real estate market soaring—according to the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board, home sales are up 40% compared to August 2019—it’s more important than ever to ensure your listing is competitive and appealing to potential buyers. 

Why Stage a Home? 

Staging a home, or any other type of property, will help buyers see the potential it offers. Seeing an empty space or a house filled with someone else’s personal items can make it difficult to visualize a future in that location. 

However, removing excess items, bringing in neutral furniture, throwing on a fresh coat of paint, and using artwork to brighten up a space will do wonders when it comes to wowing buyers and raising the offers that come in. In fact, many realtors will suggest working with a professional stager because they know it’s the best way to sell a house fast, and for the best price. 

According to this article from GreedyRates, it’s estimated that “staging a home can deliver a price that is 6 to 20% more than a non-staged home.” There’s no denying that taking the time to prepare a property is worth the pay-off, and utilizing original artwork to do so will add extra benefits. 

How Artwork Helps

In this article from CBC Life, home stagers and realtors discuss the pros of professionally staging a home before it hits the market. In it, they discuss the importance of showing off a property’s character and really engaging potential buyers by replacing “some of the existing furniture and art pieces with items that compliment the space.” Decor may not be top of mind when trying to sell a property, but it helps bring a space together and give off an aesthetically pleasing sense of home. 

Putting original artwork on the walls can help create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere, and show off the size and features of a property. If there are high ceilings, large feature walls, or small nooks, they can all be emphasized through displaying unique artwork. Using original art to stage a property will also show that both quality and care has been put into the listing. It’s easy for anyone to use cookie-cutter art prints, but a one-of-a-kind piece is a real show-stopper. 

If a room has neutral colours and plain features, adding a pop of colour with a painting can brighten the whole room and allow buyers to see it in a new way. Cool colours such as blues and purples also help create a calming effect, which can help during walk-throughs. 

Be sure to select artwork that complements the space. For example, a modern home should be styled with contemporary, perhaps abstract paintings, but a cottage that’s going up for sale would be better suited with landscape paintings

Using original art to stage a property not only helps with open houses, but allows for better professional photographs for listings, too. According to this article from, “Over 90% of potential home buyers begin their search for a new home by looking at homes on the internet.” It can help de-personalize a space, and showcase a clean, professional, and high-end property. 

Support the Local Community

While there are many reasons why using original art to stage a property helps improve sales, it also helps the immediate community. By partnering with local artists, they are able to widen their networks, showcase artwork, and make new sales and contacts. It also allows the real estate market and art community to connect, and create new relationships that are mutually beneficial. 

How Can helloart Help?

helloart can help professionally curate, deliver, and install original artwork to help stage a property before it hits the market. This helps save time and money for stagers, real estate agents, and homesellers. Plus, all of the art is available for purchase, so if a home-buyer loves how the art looks, they can ensure it has a place in their new home. 

If you are interested in using original art to stage a property, contact for more information.


Author: Lizz DiCesare