How Art Can Help Your Business

How Art Can Help Your Business

Suzan El-RassJun 4, '20

Invest in Your Local Art Community

While there are many conventional methods that a company can use to grow its business, it's often the less conventional ones that can make a huge difference. There are a number of different choices that businesses can make, including investing in art. This is an effective way to help the company differentiate itself from other businesses that sell the same products or offer the same services.

According to ESP, which is a consultancy that analyses information regarding sponsorships, businesses are now preparing to increase their philanthropy that is related to the arts. It's expected that more than $1 billion dollars will be spent on art by companies. 

Solid Advantages

There are advantages for both the businesses offering their support as well as for the community. By investing in art programs at a local level, the culture and the well-being of the community becomes more attractive to local talent. This is a win-win situation for the business and the community where it is located.

According to a study published by the Conference Board and Americans for the Arts, more than half of the corporate leaders that were polled said that the quality of life in communities was improved by the arts. 

One way that a company can become more involved in the active promotion of the arts within its local community is to display original art and have it available for purchase. This allows the business to reach out and connect with the local arts community and show that it cares. It is also a way for a business to show others that it cares about art in general and wants to give back to local artists.

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