Support Local Artists

Support Local Artists

Suzan El-RassApr 1, '20

Bringing Businesses and Artists Together

Is it possible for business and art to co-exist? In a word, yes. They do, and they thrive together with an uncomplicated fit. Businesses that support local artists and allow them to exhibit their artwork make a special connection within the local community. It's this type of connection that brings together community spirit, which in turn helps businesses build a solid reputation.

The Importance of Local Artists to Exhibit Their Work

Artists need to reach out and find places where their work can be exhibited. This is their bread and butter, and their livelihood depends on having their artwork displayed. There are amazing pieces of art available for businesses to exhibit and it helps build confidence in the area of the arts. Artists are looking for venues to exhibit their work and your business may be the perfect fit for some of them.

How Organizations and Businesses Can Support Local Artists

Businesses and organizations can provide support to local artists by displaying their work in areas where the public will see it. The best way to find amazing art that can be put up in public spaces around your business organization is by connecting with a company, such as helloart, that brings the art world and corporations together.

By choosing to work with helloart, we can provide you with stunning artwork that you can display on behalf of artists in your local community. If someone decides to purchase it, your business can make a commission on the sale. It's a win-win situation for everyone, especially for the person that ends up with a beautiful piece of art.

Local, Original Artwork versus Prints

Prints are also commonly referred to as wall art or poster art. Prints have no resale value and are copies of an original piece of art. Paintings, on the other hand, are the original work, and you'll never find two that are the same. When you buy original artwork you will be directly purchasing the love and energy that the artist put into the work. Original, local artwork is something amazing that should be supported in your community.

Find out more about supporting local art in your area by reading our host FAQ page, and learn more about what helloart offers.