Ink on wood panel.


Walking through the forest, surrounded by tall fungus trees. Staring up at their vibrant gills, it's unlike anything I have ever seen. The mushroom stems are wonky, sprouting in unusual directions. A slight reflection shines from their caps, this surely wasn't on my map. The sky appears to be leaking as carrot colored lightning bolts strike. The face of a being peers through the sangria clouds, almost ghostlike. Speckles of rain begin to drop on my skin, but it immediately absorbs them. Oh, my head feels funny. All of a sudden it is sunny. Clouds fade before my eyes, revealing a moss sky. The spirit is staring right at me, its mouth open wide. Is this the thing responsible for this wild ride? Hiding behind mushroom scales, I see it make its way to me. "You don't need to hide", it whispers quietly. Claiming to be merely a figment of my imagination, it told me I'm on vacation and led me deeper into the forest. I must have fallen into the abyss and this is the illusionist.
- Emily Minor | MAINĀ

məˈräZH (mirage)

Emily Del Degan



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