Acrylic paint, alcohol ink, gold foil and oil pastel on canvas.


t is no secret I love water and a lot of my work is inspired by the ocean and tropical air. I am deeply moved by the way water moves, its natural flow, and positive energy. Imagine the water sweeping by your feet and let your thoughts drift away with only the calm breeze around you.
This painting will have a stunning high gloss varnish that adds a stunning sheen. Sway with me was created freely, with love and pure intuition. I wanted to put onto canvas what felt right in my heart and would resonate with you. To always remember to slow down, take in the gentle flows and embrace serenity.
This is an original painting on canvas, 24x30x1.5 inches.
Beautiful indigos, blues, and stunning golds with foil play beautifully together
The textures and gold detailing catches the light beautifully
Mixed media of paint on canvas: Acrylic paint, alcohol ink, oil pastel
A final varnish of high gloss adds a stunning sheen and vibrancy

Ocean Breeze I

Thiviyaa Sehasothy



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