How Local Art Improves Spaces

Comment l'art local améliore les espaces

Suzan El-RassApr 7, '20

Create a Warm, Welcoming Space

Local art can change the ambiance of any space and transform a room from something cold and uninviting into an area of warmth and comfort. It can also add excitement and can stir a range of other positive emotions with its energy.

Ambiance Transformation

Many workplaces can feel cold and distant, consisting of endless mazes of doors, hallways and desks. Displaying artwork, however, can communicate brand messages without having to use words.

For example, when unusual art is displayed in the workplace, it can show that the business has less traditional products and marketing campaigns. Artwork can also indicate the mission statements of the business and show that the employees deserve more than simply empty walls surrounding them.

Art as Inspiration

Art has been proven to benefit the well-being of employees and help them perform better. It can help reduce stress, which is a significant point to note. The workplace can often become a place of tension and stress where employees become exhausted after extended periods of highly-focused work. Artwork can help staff reduce their stress and restore their clarity and mental energy.

Artwork in the workplace can also make the environment much more aesthetically-pleasing. Artwork can be used to bring out the colours in the workspace. It can make all the difference! It’s much the same as having blank walls at home versus putting up beautiful artwork to create a certain effect.

Client Appreciation

Co-existing with the local art community adds a lot to a corporate brand and becomes a marketing tool. A business that is willing to connect with the local art community shows clients that the company has a conscience and should be supported.

Philanthropy and community support are an important quality that customers and clients are looking for in the businesses that they use the most. There are discussions taking place on social media channels every day regarding the good work that businesses are doing by customers that want to support companies with a heart.

Become involved with the local art community by displaying artwork from local artists in your workplace. Helloart can help you get started.