Acrylic on canvas.


In my painting, "Archangel Of Ruins," I delve into the complex interplay between hope and desperation, emphasizing the profound impact of human connection and the transcendental power of divine intervention. This artwork serves as a visual narrative that symbolizes the resilience of the human spirit, capturing a pivotal moment where a woman angel emerges to save a mass of people from the depths of despair.
At the heart of this piece lies the theme of hope—a flickering light that persists even in the face of overwhelming desperation. The composition is deliberately crafted to evoke a sense of urgency and vulnerability, with the people depicted in various states of distress, their faces etched with anguish and fatigue. Through the intricate interweaving of colors and textures, I aim to convey the magnitude of their struggles, and the seemingly insurmountable obstacles they face.

Archangel Of Ruins

Rebecca Zhao



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