Oil and acrylic on canvas.


During the Covid-19 pandemic years, Artist, Mariam Qureshi, has been feeling as if the human interactions have become limited to Zoom meetings, live social media feeds. She started created this painting december 2020 during her live on Instagram performances with a musician. She says she couldn't finish it behind screens. The black sky sat in her studio for months and then when she decided to exhibit her art in parks to create a safe space for people to socialize, she was invited to exhibit her paintings at the Botanic Garden in Alberta. She completed the dark sky with a beautiful hopeful puffy cloud that may bring new blooms and depth into the day to day scene. It is an acrylic painting that is finished off with oil paint on a large canvas. The scene of a mountain top where a cloud hovers it and the trees and mess underneath awaits for a lush of rain to turn things green again. Where the mess follows the wind, sun and breathes in the intentions of dreams and a brand new tomorrow.

Hopeful Sky

Mariam Qureshi



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