Oil on Canvas


A stunning sea turtle lights up the lagoon with its vibrant colors. Floating up to the surface of the water, magical light from the day above the sea highlights and reflects off of the impressive turtle.

To me this creates a shimmering awe-inspiring moment. As well when I was painting this, I thought again of the poem,

Nature Lessons,
By Bill Watkins,

"Much is to be learned when nature we, observe very patiently. For all nature it seems doth ebb and flow as does our life; wise to know. Flexibility of natures kind best humans heed, to peace find."

I love painting water and water life. I am enjoying exploring sea creatures and all the wondrous beauty below the water.

Sapphire Lagoon is a deliciously textural oil on gallery canvas painting filled with color and breathtaking light.

The sides of Sapphire Lagoon have been carefully painted in a wrap around effect as I feel this finishes the work and makes it ready for immediate display. There is no need to frame unless it is your personal preference. This work will also come wired for your convenience. The painting is signed on the front and is numbered on the back.

The work will be safely shipped and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Sapphire Lagoon

Elizabeth Cox



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