Oil on canvas.


I love to watch koi swim and interact with the pond plants, water and light. Watching them flow and move, with their vibrant colors and whimsical fins, is like a dance, and moving art. To me koi are dreamy and calming.

I was especially focusing on movement and the koi's interaction with their surroundings in this piece.

As with most of my work this painting has a vibrant color palette, thick texture, and an impressionist feel.

Koi fish are traditionally symbolic of prosperity and good fortune.

The sides have been carefully painted in a wrap around effect as I feel this finishes the work and makes it ready for immediate display. There is no need to frame unless it is your personal preference.

This work will also come wired for your convenience. The painting is signed on the front and is signed and numbered on the back.

The work will be safely shipped and will come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Thank you so much for visiting my work.


Elizabeth Cox



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