Interested in Exhibiting and Selling Your Art at Local Businesses?

Interested in Exhibiting and Selling Your Art at Local Businesses?

Suzan El-RassOct 18, '22


Interested in Exhibiting and Selling Your Artwork, Locally?

Are you an artist seeking new opportunities to exhibit and sell your artwork? At helloart, we understand that as an artist, it can be extremely difficult to pave your way through the business of art, and we would love to assist you!

Increase Sales and Exposure

It’s not always an easy task as an emerging artist to not only sell your artwork, but to financially support your practice and all it requires. With our online gallery, physical exhibitions, social media, various marketing tactics, and more, helloart increases artists’ ability to make sales and gain exposure by exhibiting their artwork in non-traditional venues, such as commercial lobbies, office spaces, and restaurants, at no cost to the artist. Check out our blog "The Merits of Non-traditional Art Presentation".

helloart invests heavily in marketing to promote its artists' network to art buyers; and manages the sales process end-to-end, giving artists peace of mind to spend more time creating.

Make Selling Your Artwork a Breeze

When visiting a business, sometimes we see a piece of art we know we would love to have in our home, or even for a family member or friend. The notion of spontaneously buying artwork off the wall of a business is a relatively new concept, and that’s why we’ve made it even easier by providing smart art labels that contain QR codes; our smart art labels enable customers to learn more about the art and purchase the work using mobile phones at business locations. When an artwork is sold, artists keep 60% of the sale price.

Spend More Time Creating

Between purchasing supplies and the process of creating, it can often be a hassle to reach out to galleries and businesses with proposals to exhibit your art, and even more disheartening to be turned down, or ignored altogether. What if you only had to worry about creating your artwork, and uploading it to your own personal artist page, without having to concern yourself with exhibition opportunities, marketing, or sales? Perhaps you would have more free time to spend thinking about your next big project!

Join a Supportive Community

At helloart, we love working with you, and for you, to help make your dreams of gaining exposure and selling your art a reality. With a passion for art and tech, helloart uses innovative methods to work diligently at ensuring local artists are given ample opportunity to share their creative practice. Joining helloart means so much more than selling your artwork – it also means becoming immersed in a network of artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts, to help you thrive and stay inspired to continue your pursuit as an artist.

Sell on Multiple Platforms

Rest assured, you can continue exhibiting and selling your artwork elsewhere, anytime, as helloart doesn’t require exclusivity from artists. We do require that your pricing for artwork stays consistent through all channels it is being sold, but we aim to provide the most flexible experience that’s most beneficial to the artists we represent.

Ready to Join?
Click here to start your artist application. Once approved, you can begin the process of creating your free online gallery page, and helloart will identify suitable exhibition locations for you to pick from. It’s that easy!

To learn about how artists get matched with businesses, check out our blog 'How helloart Matches Artists with Businesses'.