Collages, acrylic on paper on canvas.


This large Serialist painting is of Picasso’s controversial portrayal of five prostitues in a brothel. Painted in 1907 it shows Pablos interest in African masks and his desire to push the bounds of artistic storytelling further than any other artist at the time. He was so startled by the paintings savagery and flatness that he wouldn’t show the painting public until 1916. Few could presently deny how important this painting is in art history having given birth to both Modernism and Cubism. Constructed out of biographical images of Pablo,’ art, loves, and friendships during this, his most experimental, time in his life living in Paris. While this modern art masterpiece currently hangs in the MOMA’ permanent collection in NYC. However, you can own this Serialist painting and hang it in your home today.

Artists Masterpiece Series: Picasso’s, Les Demoiselle D’Avingon

Brent Andrew Doty


Collage and painting

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