Collages, acrylic on paper on canvas (double sided).


This sculptural serialist painting is of Apple founder, Steve Jobs. This artwork is double sided and portrays this ‘digital deity,’ sitting under a tree(Buddha), where an ‘apple’ falls(Newton, pun intended) all on the screen of the iPhone he created. This sculptural frame is in the shape of an iPhone to be hung from a ceiling to be able to view both sides. The portrait is constructed out of technological advances throughout history as well as mr Jobs own creations and the affect those creations have had on both humans and the speed of human advancements. The back of this painting depicts a faux Tibetan mandala. However, rather than depicting temples at the four compass corners I’ve chosen Apple stores instead. Above and below the Mandala is lined by Egyptian style gods kneeling while in the prayer position while each holds an iPhone rather than scripture. This is our new god!?!

Digital Deity. Aka: Steve Jobs

Brent Andrew Doty


Collage and painting

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