Collages, acrylic on paper on canvas.


This Is another in the Artists Masterpiece Series: Woman in a Yellow Necklace. It tells the story of Picasso’s volatile love affair and evolutionary artistic experimentation with Francoise Gilot. Picasso would have two children(Claude & Paloma) with Gilot and she was the only woman to leave Picasso. This painting is assembled using some of the many works she modeled for and other biographical images of her time with Picasso. This famous portrait also captures the intense and sometimes physical nature of this love affair. Francoise’ ‘beauty Mark’ in this painting is actually a cigarette burn from one of Pablos cigarettes that occurred during a brief physical entanglement. While Gilot was already an accomplished artist prior to meeting Picasso. After their split she found his attempts to eliminate any interest in her art within the artistic community, so successful, that she was, ultimately, forced wrote a tell all book to raise funds for her and her children to live. Pablo attempted to block the release of this book, unsuccessfully!

Picasso,’ woman in Yellow Necklace.

Brent Andrew Doty


Collage and painting

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